Croatia / Šibenik, industrijska zona “Podi”

Industrius d.o.o. Bajagić has started its own production of processing and energy equipment.


Industrijska zona "Podi"

Land area 27.500m2

Production facility app. 2500m2

The value of the constuction app. 2.000.000,00€

The value of the machinery mark 1.300.000,00€

In 2017 Industrius d.o.o. has started its own production of process and energy equipment in the Industrial zone “Podi” in Šibenik. On an area of 27.500m² a new construction facility worth 3.500.000,00 € was built. The production facility is primarily intended for production of pressure vessels such as compressed air tanks, distributors and boilers of hot water, water steam and other media, liquid fuel tanks (single and double), pressure accumulators, tanks, closed and open expansion vessels, filter vessels etc. Production is also oriented on ship equipment, steel structures and pipelines. Thanks to this facility, Industrius d.o.o. can optimise the delivery time and perform even highly complex repair work. Industrius d.o.o. is specialized in cutting, bending and processing of metal as well as welding.

Strojni park
The machinery park consists of
Plasma cutter
Metal plate bender
SAW welding machine
Press brake
Hydraulic scissors
Radial drill machine
Milling machine
Band saw
Lathe machine
Welding machines
Forklift 5t
Gantry crane 2 pieces 15t