Construction, maintenance, welding


The focus of the business activity is on assemblies and installations in power, petrochemical and processing plants and continuous maintenance, inspection, and, if necessary, repairs. The company is specialised in engineering and installation of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure pipelines and their maintenance as well as construction and maintenance of thermal power plants. The name Industrius d.o.o. refers, among other things, to the engineering activities which imply all steps from obtaining the necessary documentation, delivery, import, assembly, inspections, to trial works and permanent maintenance of facilities. The company is specialised in welding of high specification materials and high-quality classes of joints which are in the world’s top welding performances. Industrius d.o.o. is an expert in TIG welding, which is manifested in the high-quality of welded joints (lowest number of mistakes) as well as aesthetic and mechanical properties of welds.

The scope of activities of the Industrius d.o.o. company covers consulting, planning, construction, calculation, delivery and installation, putting into operation including quality assurance and project management for plants and energetics. Industrius d.o.o. has executed its largest projects regarding construction of new and reconstruction of existing industrial plants, mostly nutrition industries, dairies and automotive industry, solely with its reputable German partners in the territory of the EU and in South Arica. Besides classical steam boilers, we also have experience on projects regarding installation of special boilers and boilers for nuclear plants.


When a problem occurs an unproductive time begins. Since every minute costs, the rapidity is of the utmost importance and this is what Industrius d.o.o. delivers. Engineers can be on the site within 48 hours or depending on the distance from a problem. A solution will be offered in a short period of time and depending on the problem occurred Industrius d.o.o. will send its team of employees to the construction site. The whole team is composed of employees with experience in manufacturing, assembly and various repair work. Based upon their experience welders and pipefitters can perform their work with minimal or none supervision, even in the most demanding conditions including tight spaces and distant sites. For new projects and complete performance on the construction sites Industrius d.o.o. sends the whole team of experienced employees who can provide the highest quality work without any difficulties in the shortest period of time. The performance of Industrius d.o.o. during the field work covers 1.600.00 productive hours worked.

Industrius d.o.o. employs:
  • Graduate mechanical engineers and industrial engineers
  • EWE / IWE engineers
  • Occupational safety engineers
  • TIG welder performing highest-quality welds
  • Fitters
  • Pipefitters (isometric personnel)
  • Insulation workers
  • • Management and administrative personnel
Industrius d.o.o. is guided by a team of experienced management, engineers, welders specialized in welding of high-specification materials and high-quality classes of joints, which is positioning our company in front of other companies engaged with similar activities.